James Ball is an Oracle Technical Architect and Senior Database Administrator and has been involved with Oracle technology and the e-Business Suite for eleven years. Over this time a deep of understanding of Oracle products and the projects that deploy them has been developed. This technical profile is supported by established interpersonal skills gained from many projects across many industries.

Implementing Oracle software in your enterprise can be complex and daunting, equally the management of Oracle products can bring more headaches. By providing a flexible and reliable consulting service James Ball Consulting can take some of the burden away.

James Ball Consulting is a professional services company offering the consultancy services of James Ball to assist in the implementation and management of Oracle technology based solutions. When projects are larger or timescales tighter, larger teams can be formed using a network of outstanding associates built up over many projects for customers in both the public and private sectors.

The lifecycle of the Oracle project can be split into three distinct areas: Architecture, Implementation and Support. Whichever stage you are at with your Oracle system we can provide services to help. Whether your business needs long term help managing Oracle products or if you simply need a few days help here and there please get in touch.

Please call on 0845 22 42 193 or email enquiries@jamesballconsulting.com in the first instance and we can arrange a time to talk through the services we can offer and to discuss your requirements.